General Questions

◆How do I inquire more about membership?

To discover more about the UPC membership, feel free to contact us at (+852) 3596 5102 or drop us a note at our Contact Us page.



◆How do I become a UPC member?

We currently only accept membership from our corporate account.



◆Where is your concierge located?

UPC is headquartered in Hong Kong. The lifestyle team in Hong Kong overlooks all marketing, product development and business development. Our concierge centers are located at over 5 continents with over 1,000 employees covering all time zones.



◆What are some of the benefits and privileges in becoming a UPC member?

Besides 24/7 Global Concierge Service, we have a collection of exclusive lifestyle events that can be tailor made to your preferences. Nonetheless, a UPC members will have access to our own fleet of limousines, private boxes, as well as other UPC assets. We offer some of the best rates form our partnered airline(s) as well as luxury hotel establishments. Even if we do outsource, we seek the best service providers so that together, we can provide truly unique privileges for our members.



◆What is the Black Diamond membership?

The Black Diamond membership is something we have been constructing since 2014. This membership tier will encompass some of the most unimaginable global benefits and privileges. The Black Diamond membership will be by invitation only. Stay tuned for any future updates.



◆What makes a UPC membership unique?

In the early stages prior to the launch of UPC, our CEO Mr. Joseph Chen travelled across the globe in search for only the best concierge partner. After meeting with a number of establishments, we are proud to say we have settled with John Paul- our global concierge provider which we are confident your request will be taken care in a timely manner and professionally across the globe. Meanwhile, our local team in Hong Kong continually to develop valuable partnership with our service provider to provide one of a kind privilege and experience exclusively to our member.



◆Will I receive a membership card?

At UPC, we believe in technology. Every member of ours will receive a virtual membership card.

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